International Rare Disease Research Consortium – Global Collaboration against Rare Diseases

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EU_US_flagThe #IRDiRC is a jointly funded research programme constructed by the European Commission and the US National Institute of Health.

With 30 million rare disease sufferers in Europe alone the large and coordinated effort has ambitiously set the objective to develop diagnostics for the majority of the 8,000 known rare diseases and increase the number of approved orphan drugs to 400 by 2020.

Achieving these goals will require the cooperation of all stakeholders on a global scale and will centre around sharing information openly to create a robust research network that connects the rare disease community.

Sharon Terry, CEO, Genetic Alliance is a leading patient representative of the IRDiRC and will deliver the opening keynote talk at the World Orphan Drug Congress 2011.

Register now to hear the open innovation and collaborative opportunities on the horizon within the field of rare disease research.