Report: The DNA of a #CFO by Ernst & Young #eynews

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instruction manual According to an Ernst & Young report The DNA of a CFO the CFO’s unique optic across the business, their rare positioning as a purveyor of the truth and their fact-based discipline has raised their profile to an unprecedented degree.

Download the report for a detailed study of what makes a chief financial officer – nearly 700 CFOs share their insights and personal experience in:

•    Contributing to strategy
•    A broader business role
•    Core competencies
•    Communications and relationship management
•    The CFO’s contribution
•    CFO – staging post or career destination
•    A toolkit for the aspiring CFO
•    The first 100 days as a CFO
•    What makes a CFO

If you are interested in this report, you may be also interested in learning more about The CFO Show Middle East conference.  Sponsored and chaired by Ernst & Young.