Advocating for treatments to change modern medicine

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Siren Interactive on rare diseases Siren Interactive kindly provided this guest blog post from their blog, SirenSong. It was written by Wendy White, Founder and President of Siren Interactive. Wendy also spoke at the 2011 World Orphan Drug Congress USA.

On Monday more than 4 million readers received the Washington Post supplement focused on rare diseases. In addition to updates on the latest progress in the industry, content included personal stories about a few of the all-too-many children afflicted with a rare disorder who are fighting for their lives.

Momentum is building for additional funding for research to find effective treatments. But currently, less than 10% of the 7,000 rare diseases have an FDA-approved treatment. There’s much to do and it can’t happen fast enough.

This campaign was designed to help raise awareness and advocate for treatment options for the nearly 30 million rare disease patients across the United States. Siren Interactive is pleased to have participated. As an industry professional, it’s gratifying for me to see this type of exposure and collaboration on behalf of rare diseases. And as a mother of a daughter with a rare disease, it’s also very inspirational.

For more information on orphan drugs and rare diseases, check out the World Orphan Drug Congress USA. Siren Interactive is a silver sponsor.