#FDA helps Orphan drugs get on the fast track

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New proposals presented to Congress in November may fast-track drugs for rare diseases.


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FDA helps Orphan drugs get on the fast track The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for the plans to allow pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the approval program for drugs treating rare diseases – skipping some of the traditional clinical trial requirements.


Rare disorders are diseases that affect less than 200,000 people per year in the world. In the past few years, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have come to realize how economically and scientifically important orphan drugs research is.


If you know someone who suffers from or is involved in treating a rare disease, spread the word about the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2012.


The conference is North America’s leading orphan drug conference and brings together leading pharma and biotech executives to strategize about the opportunities and challenges in commercializing treatments for rare and ultra-rare diseases.


Click here to request the brochure, which includes the conference agenda as well discussions with some select patient groups, or feel free to visit the event website.


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