How Prosensa is overcoming the challenges of #raredisease research and #orphandrug development

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stethoscopeThe very nature of rare diseases creates clinical challenges for orphan drug developers, therefore immediately following the pre-clinical phase of research; the upmost must be done to achieve the clinical added value (CAVOD) for your orphan product.

So how can minimal yet robust clinical data lead to market approval quickly and if you decide to, how should partnerships be formed in the development stage to enhance success?

In this video, Hans Schikan, CEO, Prosensa outlines the major hurdles facing all orphan drug developers and provides insight into how Prosensa are overcoming these challenges with their lead compound to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy currently in phase III development.

1. How to logistically embrace the rarity of the disease itself

2. Science and animal models

3. How to implement correct manufacturing considerations

4. How to progress successfully through clinical development

5. Functional outcome parameters

6. What the regulatory pathway demands when filing for market authorisation

7. Achieving sustainability with a relevant pricing and reimbursement strategy


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