Download: Siren Interactive whitepaper on how to engage with #RareDisease patients using social media

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siren interactive whitepaper on rare disease patients and social media Siren Interactive provided this whitepaper entitled, ‘How to engage with rare disease patients using social media.’

Get your copy of the whitepaper here.

In the whitepaper Siren Interactive suggests that “with the rise of social media in the healthcare space, patients and caregivers have gained access to a powerful source of health information: other people living with the same condition. For rare disease patients, who will probably never meet another patient in real life with the same rare disease, this was a seismic shift. The Internet and social media allow patients to become educated, engaged and empowered: ePatients.”

Siren Interactive identifies six insights about rare disease patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals:

  1. Rare disease patients and caregivers feel alone and isolated.
  2. They seek a connection with others like them.
  3. They use the Internet to educate and support each other.
  4. Physicians don’t have the bandwidth to research every disease or therapy, which they may never see in their practice.
  5. Patients and caregivers are frequently the primary drivers of diagnosis and treatment; the roles of stakeholders surrounding patients have changed.
  6. They want pharma to participate if pharma can add value authentically.

Learn more about this by downloading the whitepaper now.

For more information on orphan drugs and rare diseases, check out the World Orphan Drug Congress USA. Siren Interactive is a silver sponsor.