Kenta Biotech takes on #pneumonia

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New orphan drug from Kenta Biotech will help fight pneumonia


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New orphan drug from Kenta Biotech will help fight pneumonia World Orphan Drug Congress USA In recent years, health care professionals have been experiencing more and more difficulty effectively treating pneumonia. This is due to the development of drug-resistant strains of the illness. Growing gaps between supply and demand in effective treatment has not helped doctors either.


This is why Kenta Biotech’s new product KBSA301 is exciting for those involved in pneumonia treatment. KBSA301 is the first human antibody being developed to treat pneumonia. This new drug will work in a different way than traditional method – by helping a person’s body to fight off infection instead of just treating with antibiotics after the fact.


KBSA301 will help decrease the number of people who die as a result of severe pneumonia, as well as speed up recovery time for patients. The European Commission has designated the treatment as an orphan drug – a title that will help Kenta Biotech get it to market more quickly, besides other monetary and patent benefits for the company.


Franco Merckling of Kenta Biotech is enthused about the development, commenting "This European orphan drug designation represents an important milestone for our company…It will allow us to benefit from free scientific advice from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and will therefore significantly facilitate the direction of our clinical development and the subsequent filing of our registration dossier".


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