Pricing, Reimbursement & gaining market access for your orphan drug

In Market Access by Matt Turner

orphan drug, pricing and reimbursement, market accessRare diseases by definition have scarce patient populations and ensuring patients gain access to available treatments is a genuine challenge and consideration for orphan drug developers. In this time of economic scrutiny, payers are adopting tougher attitudes towards reimbursement levels and the onus is the industry to clearly demonstrate the added value and convince payers of the true benefit the orphan drug offers. It is certainly no easy task, especially considering the fragmented nature of the European reimbursement system.

In our latest industry survey, we delved into which challenges and considerations of gaining market access & attaining reimbursement were the most important to be educated on. Over 50% of the surveyed audience expressed that the following areas of concern were “critical to understand” in order to develop a robust reimbursement strategy for your orphan product:

  • What information did payers need to see for us to gain reimbursement?
  • What has been the most compelling argument to justify price and demonstrate value?
  • How to make your orphan product reimbursable
  • How to achieve reimbursement despite relatively low volume/quality of clinical evidence
  • How can you engage with patient groups to lobby reimbursement of your product?

You can download the full report of our 2012 Industry Survey here and while you’re at it, download the brochure for the 2012 World Orphan Drug Congress to see how these challenges have been translated and will be addressed at this year’s congress.