Download: HTA and Value of Rare Diseases Drugs Presentation

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blog pic This is your chance to download the free presentation entitled HTA and Value of Rare Diseases Drugs. It’s an industry perspective by Pierrick Rollet, Vice President, Global Market Access, Rare Diseases, GSK Rare Diseases. Pierrick spoke at last year’s Health Technology Assessment World Europe conference and his presentation was a great success.

If you are interested in this presentation then download it here.

The 5th annual Health Technology Assessment World Europe conference will address the methods and processes needed to navigate health technology assessment in a number of countries across Europe and in America.

Download the brochure to find out more about this conference.


  1. Joe Ridge

    I would be interested in publishing an article based on this presentation if Mr Rollet is saying anything new.
    Thanks, Joe

  2. Nelson Lam

    In Hong Kong healthcare provider model is still in the old model of dispensing doctors and public hospital settings for all. Insurance played little role in managing drug economics. Limited resources forced the government to limiting drug and devices expenses by tendering at the expense of clinical case management and assessment.
    HTA may be a subject less popular in Hong Kong. We are striving ahead to build apps on drug utilization in Hong Kong with drug databases to prepare “cost utility table with QALY for resource redistribution in drug use. Pharmaceutical benefits management in Hong Kong is formed with ABenefits drug platform, a project of Nelson Lam.

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