Top 10 Orphan Indications in the EU

In Clinical Development by Tim Peplow

orphan drug indications eu (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Rare diseases might be rare, but collectively they are common. And with over 7,000 rare diseases worldwide, orphan drug designations are becoming increasingly common too. Here is a list of the 10 indications with the most orphan drug designations in the EU (the register of designation Orphan Medicinal Products in the EU can also be found here on the European Commission website).

Rank Indication Number of EU designations
1 Acute myeloid leukaemia 45
2 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma 38
3 Glioma 37
4 Pancreatic cancer 35
5 Cystic fibrosis 35
6 Ovarian cancer 28
7 Multiple myeloma 27
8 Renal cell carcinoma 27
9 Hepatoma 21
10 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia 20

Source: EvaluatePharma® (23 APR 2013) from EvaluatePharma’s Orphan Drug Report 2013

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