Top 50 social media influencers in orphan drugs and rare disease

In Advocacy by Tim Peplow

top-50-social-media-influencers-in-orphan-drugs-and-rare-disease_thumbEarlier this year at the 2013 edition of World Orphan Drug Congress USA we were excited to see the high level of engagement surrounding the event on social media.

That got us thinking. Who are the biggest influencers in social media in this sector? Who has the biggest reach or the highest level of engagement? We have put together a report to highlight who we think are the top 50 social media influencers in orphan drugs and rare disease.

Download the report here.

Social media is extremely powerful in orphan drugs and rare disease. It enables:

  • Rare disease patients to connect with other widespread patients to empathize and share experiences
  • Rare disease patients to put pressure on industry and government by giving them a shared voice
  • Industry to have a wider reach and easier access to niche patient pools
  • … and more!

The social media influencers in this report were selected based on activity levels, engagement, and community reach. The influencers include representatives from patient advocacy groups, industry and government, from North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Want to know who made the list? Download the report now to identify some new, valuable sources of industry news and community engagement.

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