Orphan drugs & rare disease facts of the day – Premier Research Infographic

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This guest blog post has been provided by Premier Research.

We released our Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases infographic at the World Orphan Drug Congress USA back in April. Not surprisingly, the handouts went like hotcakes as people were eager to have the facts at their fingertips. Since then, we have been extremely pleased by the feedback we’ve received on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Check out the infographic below! Or, view the PDF here.

And, to learn more, you can always download our white paper, The Science of Hope, as well. Visit premier-research.com/rare to discover how our experienced rare disease study teams can guide you through the process from experimental molecule to FDA and EMA approval.

We’re pleased to be a sponsor of the 4th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress, November 14-15, 2013. We’re currently developing our panel discussion, and would love to hear from you about what you’d like to see us cover with our Geneva panel. Let us know in the comments below, or send us anemail.

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