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Download ebook: Patient group insights into the orphan drug industry

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Over the past few months we have been speaking with representatives from various patient groups across Asia trying to gain a better understanding of how the orphan drug industry appears to them.

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We have tried to ask poignant questions that offer a rare insight into the Orphan Drug industry from the perspective of the patient . Many of the answers encourage us to question the direction that the industry is heading in and highlight issues that need to be remedied in the future. Some of the patient groups interviewed in this ebook include:

  • Chinese Organization for Rare Diseases (CORD)
  • Malaysia Lysosomal Disorder Association (MLDA)
  • Organization for Rare Disease India (ORDI)
  • Hong Kong MPS Group

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Many of these patient groups will be represented at the World Orphan Drug Congress Asia in June. For more information about this event or to purchase conference passes visit our website: