The Orphan Drug Industry: a master in non-profit/ industry collaboration

In Partnering & Investment by Freya Smale


In the run up to the World Vaccine Congress US 2014, we asked our speakers to tell us what they see for the future of the vaccine industry. Personally, I found the interview with Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi, Director Product Development, Sabin Vaccine Institute particularly interesting, in light of what I have learnt from the Orphan Drug Industry about the importance of collaboration. There is no better example of the power of  non-profit/ industry collaboration then that demonstrated by the rare disease community daily.

As Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi states: “Collaborations between industry and non-profits would benefit with an increase of providing better access to new technologies and discoveries such as in the area of adjuvants and novel delivery platforms. Of particular importance would be how industry could be an influencer or an accelerator especially in the space of global health vaccine R&D.”

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Our eBook also includes many interesting viewpoints about:

–          DNA vaccines
–          Pharma/biotech partnerships
–          The future role of big pharma
–          Improving non-profit/industry collaboration
–          Thermostability
–          The potential of immunosignature technology

….and much more!

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