Download: How to access the Brazilian orphan drug market

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As market access strategies become an essential milestone to improve the global access to orphan drugs, huge markets like Brazil are poised to support the sustainability of an evolving industry. However, many challenges like excessive bureaucracy, unreasonable and unsettled regulation and the lack of a map for rare disease patients in Brazil, are delaying that process and impeding pharma and biotechs to deliver their ground-breaking orphan drugs to patients in Brazil.

In light of this, we interviewed Devaney Baccarin, former Astellas Pharma, Genzyme and Wyeth executive and Founder and President of São Paulo based pharmaceutical consulting firm, BaccarinD. Click here to see the full interview.

Download this interview to learn:

  • the main challenges in for foreign pharma and biotech in accessing Brazil
  • solutions to overcome these challenges
  • more about the licensing process in Brazil
  • and much more