Carlo Incerti

Multi-Stakeholder Alignment in Orphan Drugs

In Partnering & Investment by Freya Smale

Carlo Incerti, MD, SVP, Head Global Medical Affairs, Genzyme Corporation joined us last year at the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe to present on Multi-Stakeholder Alignment: Unifying Efforts to Optimize Clinical Development and Establish a Harmonized and Accelerated Market Authorization Process

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  • Issues
    • Inconsistent messaging
    • Misalignment
    • Challenges for rare diseases
    • Need for a strong healthcare ecosystem
    • Understand stakeholders needs
  • Solutions
    • Initiatives
  • Where the obstacles are…
  • Recipe for success

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If you are interested in finding out more about multi-stakeholder relationships, then join us at the 5th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress.

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