Orphan Drugs Asia Live: KORD’s multiple program for rare disease patient in Korea

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Hyun Min Shin of Korean Organisation for Rare Diseases (K.O.R.D) began his keynote presentation at World Orphan Drug Congress Asia 2014 by highlighting the purpose of K.O.R.D.

The organisation was established to help rare disease patients and their families solve medical care issues. It also serve as a platform to help protect the rights and improve social welfare of rare disease patients. Since it was founded back in 2001, K.O.R.D today has a record of 72 organisation and 40 thousand patients under its wing.

Currently, various projects are in place to improve patient welfare under it’s organisation. These projects help to provide financial and medical aids which can be difficult to reach. Some projects include:

  •  Illness Social Service
  • Medical Social Service
  • Culture Social Service
  • Education and self support social service
  • Promotion and publishing services
  • Support projects for medical expenses
  • Registration system for rare disease patients