orphan reach, the “rare” Contract Research Organization, opens US office in New Jersey to expand its global presence.

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In an environment where orphan drug development is on an all-time high and Contract Research Organizations are in demand, orphan reach, who pioneer a unique global patient access solution, has expanded its presence to the US.

June 20, 2014

orphan reach, the “rare” Contract Research Organization (CRO) focusing on global orphan drug development, has today announced the opening of new offices in New Jersey, USA to target the growing opportunities in the orphan drug sector. The new location will serve as a major hub covering the Americas and extending from the already existing locations in Europe/UK and Asia/India.

President & CEO Thomas Ogorka commented that “this is an important step for the company as we are now in a strong position to offer true global development solutions tailored to biotech companies that are researching rare diseases. I am very pleased that we could win Peggy Schorr to spearhead our US Operations as her 13 years of experience in orphan drug development will prove extremely valuable for our clients.” Peggy was the founder and leader of the North American affiliate for Hesperion which later evolved from a Contract Research Organization to Actelion’s Clinical Development Unit for the Americas.

orphan reach provides a unique global development concept to their clients who feel that traditional global CROs are not the best option when it comes to the many challenges connected to clinical trial recruitment and retention in small patient populations.