Edmund Pezalla from Aetna Joins Advisory Board of World Orphan Drug Conference USA 2015

In Orphan Drug Congress by Chris Hackett

Payers are a vital component of the healthcare industry, and their importance in the Orphan Drug industry is no less prescient. The top 125 private insurers collected around collected $731 billion in premiums throughout 2012. As such, it only makes sense that payers have a head at the table in discussions surrounding the Orphan Designation boom.

Aetna, a name brand in the healthcare industry, is the 5th largest private insurer in the United States. Like most payers, they are actively watching the growth of the Orphan Drug industry and the seemingly immense costs associated with providing these rare disease patients with their treatments. Edmund Pezalla, Vice President, National Medical Director for Pharmacy Policy and Strategy at Aetna, shared many of the industry concerns.

From worries about premiums to discussions on the growth of the industry, his insights will be invaluable to helping bring out the payer perspective in a large and expansive industry. Pezalla says that we need to be “defining priorities on a national level”, and events such as the World Orphan Drug Congress can help to make that happen. In that sense, he was happy to join the advisory board.

Pezalla will be helping to shape topics at the upcoming World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2015, the world’s largest conference about the Orphan Drug industry. For more information, download the brochure.