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Rare Connect publishes the results of their aHUS patient poll in a compelling infographic

Rare Connect, the online rare disease networking and information platform, continues it’s polling of their members in an attempt to better understand what it is like to live with various rare diseases. Having started with Behçet’s syndrome  the team at rare connect have now turned their attention to the members of their aHUS community with this compelling aHUS infographic.

Atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome, or aHUS, is a rare disease that causes excessive activation of the complement system. aHUS is not fully understood, and whilst in many presentations the cause would seem to be genetic, other presentations seem to appear out of nowhere. The disease is typically characterised by three problem areas: progressive renal failure caused by blood clots in the filters of the kidney;  problems concerning red blood cell and platelet counts; and vascular problems.

aHUS differs from non-atypical HUS in as much as HUS is commonly caused by the E-Coli virus, and typically does not hold long term implications for patients.

The frequency of aHUS is unknow across the world, but in the US there are just 300 known patients. aHUS is most common amongst children. And whilst adults can get the disease, many of the symptoms differ. Adults, for example, will often not experience kidney failure.

Rare Connect aHUS infographic

Rare Connect aHUS header


Rare Connect aHUS header