Top 10 Most Researched Rare Diseases

The Top 10 Most Researched Rare Diseases

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Which rare diseases are receiving the most attention in the fast growing orphan drugs market?

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With the ALS Ice Bucket challenge currently generating a large amount of interest, ALS itself has become a very well-known rare disease. However, the key question within the Orphan Drug industry is ‘which other rare diseases now have the highest number of companies investing money into research for them?’

This eBook explores the Top 10 most researched rare diseases currently being looked into, based on the number of orphan drug designations and therapies currently being developed for that particular disease. Compiled by using the orphan drug designation list on the European Commission Website and the invaluable portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs at Orphanet, get reading now!

Be sure to download this eBook to see which are the most researched of the 7000+ rare diseases currently known, and the companies that are working on them.

To hear about the future of treatment options for the Top 10, plus many other rare diseases, come on down to the World Orphan Drug Congress on 12-14 November in Brussels.