Patient Advocacy Groups: an eBook of interviews

Interviews with Key Patient Advocacy groups

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Patients have a unique perspective of their condition and how it changes their day-to-day life. This understanding is becoming critical for drug researchers and developers in measuring disease outcomes and real-life benefit of new orphan drug treatments. Patient advocacy groups have a key role in listening to patient needs and working with research initiatives to drive improvements in standards of care. We understand this and so at the World Orphan Drug Congress we have key patient advocacy groups on-board, as well as attending to share their experiences.

Download this eBook of interviews with key patient advocacy groups, as a taster of what our patient group speakers will deliver and bring to the congress. It’s a chance to hear directly how these patient groups are influencing drug development, funding, clinical trials and access to orphan drugs.

To interact with and hear from orphan drug developers, patient groups, payers and more, download the brochure for more info about the World Orphan Drug Congress; and we hope you come along to join in the discussions that will shape the industry.

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World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2014