6 Ways Orphan Drug Companies Can Regain Public Trust

6 Ways Orphan Drug Companies Can Regain Public Trust…

In Partnering & Investment by Freya Smale

How to regain public trust whilst ensuring a return on your investment

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We are seeing more and more criticism of the orphan drugs industry from commentators and the media. But what can rare disease developers do to mitigate this bad press?

We’ve spoken to a number of industry experts in communications in preparation for The world Orphan Drug Congress USA 2015, and they’ve given us 6 ways orphan drug developers can avoid the bad press the industry is getting.

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The orphan dug industry is approaching its first major hurdle in years: will payers, and the public, accept the cost of orphan drugs? Join the discussion as to how the industry will overcome this hurdle and download the World Orphan Drug Congress USA brochure.

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