Devaney Baccarin

How to access the Brazilian Orphan-Drug Market

In Market Access by Freya Smale

Devaney BaccarinProviding access to Orphan Drugs has many different opportunities and challenges, which vary market-to-market. Devaney Baccarin, Presidente & CEO of BaccarinD joined us at the 4th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress USA in 2014 to discuss “How to access the Brazilian Orphan-Drug Market.”

Download this presentation to find out how to access the Brazilian Orphan-Drug Market:

  • Brazil: Opportunity Now or Future?
  • Challenges To Access Market.
  • Solutions To Overcome these Challenges.
  • Bureaucratic and Costly Procedures.
  • Lawsuits: How long this will be the only alternative to provide access to rdp?

…and much more!

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If you are interested in finding out more about market access for orphan drugs, then join us at the 5th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress USA in Washington D.C. in April 2015. We have a sessions dedicated to discussing global market access and the regulatory landscape, for example: Panel Session: Speeding up orphan drugs to patients by harmonizing global regulatory and market access. Panellists include: Chander Seghal, Director, Common Drug Review (CDR) and Optimal Use of Drugs, CADTH and Dr Richard Moscicki, Deputy Center Director for Science Operations, CDER FDA. 

Visit the event website for more information. 

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