What Makes Online Communities in Rare Diseases Special?

In Advocacy by Freya Smale

JuiceWhat are the dynamics of online rare disease communities that make them different from their non-rare disease counterparts? Is it the variation in size? Does it depend on the condition? Or is the makeup of the respective communities intrinsically different?

In general, any online community is driven by a shared interest in a specific topic. Thriving communities can be found for all sorts of interests, whether it’s people who are passionate about orchids, or people who retain a fascination for a particular model of car.

Communities remain active because individuals value the benefits they offer: shared information, an opportunity to fit in, and a sense of empowerment in common pursuits. Smaller communities tend to be more active than larger communities; it’s easier to make personal connections with other members.

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This whitepaper uses JUICE Pharma Worldwide’s proprietary social listening and precision targeting tool, AMP, with cystic fibrosis (CF) and asthma as examples, to better understand the dynamics that affect rare disease communities compared to non-rare disease communities.

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