Emerge Health

Emerge Health – innovative Australian pharmaceutical company

In Press Release by Freya Smale

Emerge Health is an innovative Australian pharmaceutical company focused on providing access to specialised medicines into the hospital sector. Emerge Health is dedicated to supporting patients with rare diseases that may also be in hospital care, striving to ensure continuous access to crucial medicines at sustainable prices.

Emerge Health has a proven track record in working with international companies that don’t have a presence in Australia and New Zealand. We licence and acquire specialised hospital pharmaceuticals, partnering with likeminded companies looking for a company that works collaboratively, is long term in its approach and is relationship based.

Our focus is to maximise the potential of our products in any given market by streamlining the registration and reimbursement processes, then building and implementing solid sales and marketing plans. Emerge Health ensures that a dedicated resource supports the product at each step of the market entry strategy, with senior management staff with over 20 years’ experience in each discipline being involved from the start. Where appropriate Emerge Health will also assist with Named Patient Supply prior to marketing authorisation.   

Our current broad range portfolio consists of high quality products that include medicines used to treat rare diseases as well as various metabolic, paediatric and neonatal conditions.

Our executive management team has extensive global and local business development expertise in licensing and forging partnerships in the specialist pharmaceutical industry.