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PEDIATRIC STUDIES: When there’s no substitute for experience, there’s Premier Research

In Clinical Development by Freya Smale

Half of all rare diseases affect children, and clinical trials involving these populations pose particular recruiting and regulatory challenges. We have experience on our side, gained from more than 100 pediatric and pediatric rare disease studies.

Amid the nuance and complexity of pediatric trials, three factors present the greatest challenges: recruiting patients, complying with the rules, and navigating the ethical demands unique to working with children. Our pediatric studies resource center examines what it takes to conduct successful research, from design to regulatory strategies to recruiting and retaining patients. Some of what you’ll find:

Regulation. The rules provide important safeguards, but regulatory requests often must be reworked for trials to yield the most meaningful data. We design studies that make compliance as straightforward as possible for patients, families, and healthcare providers. 

Recruiting. Effective recruitment starts with parents and pediatricians, who are naturally protective of young patients. We help families see the profound impact their participation can have on the health and well-being of their own children — and on millions worldwide.

The what — and the how. Learn not just what we do (regulations largely define that, anyway), but how we design and conduct more effective studies.

Webinars. Learn about the design and operation of successful trials and other topics from webinars by Premier Research experts.

White papers and more. Those hundred-plus studies have produced a wealth of knowledge on topics from protocol-writing to working in orphan indications. Learn from our experience.

Download a whitepaper on The Science and Art of Clinical Trial Feasibility here >

Whatever you need to understand about pediatric trials, Premier Research can help.
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