“Tozaride: Targeted & Personalized Treatment for Small Cell Lung and Neuroendocrine Cancer”

In Clinical Development, Featured on App, Orphan Drug Congress by Freya Smale

Chris Adams of Andarix Pharmaceuticals joined us for World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2015 to present about ‘ Tozaride: Targeted & Personalized Therapy for Small Cell Lung and Neuroendocrine Cancer’ 
Download his presentation now to understand more about:

  • Receptor-targeted therapy 
  • Tozaride Key Properties
  • Vixilide–Clinical Data

…and much more! 

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To find out more about  personalized therapy for small cell lung and neuroendocrine cancer , attend  World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2016 April 20-22  in Washington, DC.