Managed Access Programs: Reaching Patients in Need

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*Blog post and whitepaper provided by Durbin*

Managed access programmes (MAPs) are a means of providing access to medicines not yet commercially available to patients that have no other viable treatment options. These patients are typically those suffering from rare and orphan diseases, with an unmet medical need.

When to arrange a MAP:

Managed Access Programs, offer patients the ability to obtain medicines at various stages of their product lifecycle. In particular, MAPs offer access to medications that:

  • Are in clinical development
  • Will not be approved, but offer medicinal value to a small group of patients
  • Have marketing authority in one country, but not another
  • Have been discontinued, but retain medicinal value for a small group of patients.

This paper will looks at how Managed Access programs, can increase the availability of investigational drugs to patients with limited treatment options. It discusses why Managed Access Programs may be in high demand, and their associated benefits in regards to patients, and Biotechnology/ Pharmaceutical companies.

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*Blog post and whitepaper provided by Durbin*