World Orphan Drug Congress 2015

World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2015: Industry Insights

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The World Orphan Drug Congress will be going into it’s 6th year in November 2015. The Congress was one of the first events to bring together the full range of stakeholders and influencers in the orphan drug and rare disease sector, from the pharma and biotechs to patient advocates and representatives from payers. It continues to be a key meeting for the sector in pushing forward with strategy, advocacy and partnering within the rare disease space.

In the lead up to the event we’ve been getting in touch with our speakers to hear their thoughts on the following:

  • How will the increasing number of orphan drugs and it’s generally high price impact the future and sustainability of drug development and it reaching patients?
  • What important points do you hope to convey at the congress and what information can you give me now that delegates can look forward to?
  • What new drug developments do you feel will become more important in the future?

Download the ebook to hear the thoughts of leading pioneers in orphan drug scene.

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*Disclaimer: The views expressed are the individuals own and not representative of the companies they work for.*

All speakers featuring in our ebook will be speaking at our World Orphan Drug Congress taking place 11-13th November at the Starling Geneva Hotel and Conference Center. To find out more about the event, download the brochure.