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Without reimbursement, the Glyberas of the world would never reach patients

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Reimbursement will always be a priority for the multiple stakeholders involved in drug development and more so in orphan drugs. The World Orphan Drug Congress USA taking place April 20-22nd in Washington DC, with its unique blend of speakers is bringing together for the first time ever in a rare disease summit, global payers that will touch upon orphan drug reimbursement in their countries.

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The cross-country payer seminar will delve into different approaches to funding treatments for rare disease, where payers will explain the approaches adopted in their own markets, and enable an exchange of views, with a multi-stakeholder audience to provide an interesting, informative and insightful discussion on best practice.

This will give an opportunity for you to learn the payer’s perspective rather than just think of them as ‘blockers’ of patients’ access to orphan drugs. It will also help you understand what payers’ needs and expectations are to facilitate funding and access for such treatments with an angle that will show how to focus on value demonstration rather than just regulatory approval.

Featured payers include:

  • Diana Macdonell, former Head, Secretariat, Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, Australia
  • Carlo Tomino, Former Head of Research and Clinical Trials, Italian Medicines Agency
  • Houria Mouas, Medical Doctor, Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris / International Affairs Department, Haute Autorite De Sante, France
  • Rumen Stefanov, Director, Institute for Rare Diseases, Bulgaria
  • Sheela Upadhyaya, Associate Director Highly Specialised Technologies, Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, UK

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