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Calling all orphan drug biotech – Pitch & Partner!

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Unless you’re big pharma with revenues of $50B annually, you will continuously need capital.

Don’t wait until you need it!

Showcase your orphan drug development at the Pitch & Partner session. This is part of the 6th annual World Orphan Drug Congress USA.

Contact Zaman now at +1 646 619 1788 or email him at zaman.shahariar@terrapinn.com. Only 10 slots left!

Join CEOs and Heads of Business Development from BioBlast, Raptor, Therabron, Savara, CMC Contrast, Medipost, Ovid, Promet, Toleranzia BioPharm Solutions, Cydan, Siwa, Prana, (1), (2) and (3).

2016 Pitch & Partner speakers include:

  • Colin Foster, CEO, BioBlast
  • Antoun Nabhan, VP Corporate Development, Raptor Phamaceuticals
  • Stanley Satz, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, Advanced Imaging Projects
  • Thomas Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Therabron Therapeutics
  • Rob Neville, Chief Executive Officer, Savara Pharmaceuticals
  • Magnus Corfitzen, Chief Executive Officer, CMC Contrast AB
  • Antonio Lee, CEO, Medipost America
  • Agnes Rafalko, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Glycomine
  • Martin Welschof, CEO, Opsona Therapeutics
  • Gary Mathias, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Thetis Pharmaceuticals
  • Anna Kazanchyan, SVP Business Development, Ovid Therapeutics
  • David Young, CEO, Promet Therapeutics 
  • Tine Verolin, Program Director, Toleranzia AB
  • Harvey Kupferberg, Executive Consultant, Biopharm Solutions
  • Vered Bisker-Leib, CBO, Cydan Development
  • Lewis Gruber, CEO, SIWA Corporation
  • Geoffrey Kempler, Executive Chairman and CEO, Prana Biotechnology

Aside from being able to present your orphan drug development to investors and pharma at the Pitch & Partner Session, you will also get access to the main conference of the World Orphan Drug Congress USA and Rare Disease Advocacy World.

Only 10 slots left. Secure your spot today. Contact Zaman now at +1 646 619 1788 or email him at zaman.shahariar@terrapinn.com

World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2016