Meeting KOLs

Are you effectively connecting with KOLs in the rare disease space?

In Orphan Drug Congress, Orphan Drugs Live by Freya Smale

Engaging and maintaining relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) has and will always be part of the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and the medical community. The rare disease space poses a whole different challenge for industry to connect with KOLs, not only because of the fewer KOLs working in the space, but also because of the limited knowledge on many of these rare diseases in order to design effective trials.

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The World Orphan Drug congress USA taking place April 20-22nd in Washington DC, for the first time ever brings together leading KOLs in the rare disease space and provides a platform for them to express their challenges, expose their research and views of working with industry. This seminar also brings industry to the table outlining ways to successfully work with KOLs and help patients get faster access to treatments.

You will hear leading KOLs and pharmaceutical executives discussing:

  • Training programs for clinicians to more effectively identify and recruit patients for rare disease trials
  • Advancing research in rare diseases through tools that build rare disease registries
  • Industry’s role in identifying, educating and equipping physicians in the rare disease space
  • Achieving funding for Investigator-initiated trials (IITs) from government institutions and pharmaceutical companies
  • Integrating physicians and researchers in the drug development process to develop clinical programs relevant to rare disease patients
  • Using greater public recognition of rare genetic diseases to improve research and diagnostic tools
  • Using diagnostic tools that are not FDA approved. What are the different protocol options?
  • How to help clinicians do genetic testing quickly in any place of the world and how do you get rare disease patients to specialized diagnostic centers?
  • Diagnosis strategies for pediatric rare diseases and why this can help entire family’s generations

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If you want to learn how strengthen your research and relationships with KOLs in the rare disease space, you cannot miss this – The Global Orphan Drug Conference and Expo.


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