How Venture Philanthropy Can Effectively Fund Orphan Drug Development

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Rare Disease Day 2016 is less than one week away. If you have kept an eye on #RDD2016 or #RareDisease, you will have witnessed the world raising awareness and discussing ways to expedite orphan drugs.

Funding plays a vital role in orphan drug development.

“Science is not the limiting factor in finding the cure, funding is the key…”

Debra Miller, CureDuchenne, CEO and Founder joined us at the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2015 to provide key insight into how Venture Philanthropy Can Effectively Fund Orphan Drug Development. CureDuchenne is the leading Duchenne organization that raises awareness and funds research to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic disease that causes muscle degeneration that impacts 1 in 3,500 boys. CureDuchenne has an extremely successful track record of translating science into late stage clinical trials.

CureDuchenne’s Mission: find a cure for this generation of Duchenne boys

CureDuchenne’s Goal: identify, de-risk and support high impact research projects

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CureDuchenne Success -Snapshot

  • A look at how CureDuchenne have funded seven research projects that have advanced to human clinical trials and how their investments have leveraged follow on funding of more than $100 million from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, venture capital funds and other foundations.

Venture Philanthropy Defined

  • Venture philanthropy is a way nonprofit organizations can become self-sustaining while raising funding for new programs or projects

Venture Philanthropy vs. Traditional Fundraising

  • How can you transition from academic to industry partnerships and accelerate drug development

What Does Investing in an Orphan Drug Entail?

What do Nonprofits Bring to the Table?

How to Reviewing the Terms of Your Involvement and Draw up Appropriate Agreements

Outcomes of Drug Failure vs. Drug Success

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