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[WHITEPAPER] In Drugs for Rare Diseases: Early Commercial Thinking = Future Commercial Success

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In Drugs for Rare Diseases: Early Commercial Thinking = Future Commercial Success

By Harris Kaplan  – Red Team Associates

Rare Diseases: Growing Business Opportunity

Orphan drugs typically target diseases with fewer than 200,000 patients and cost over $100,000 per year per patient. Drugs targeting really small groups of patients (ultra-orphan or rare diseases) often cost much more.

As a result, pharma and biotech’s interest in developing these drugs continues to grow.

Companies developing drugs for rare diseases have become incredibly attractive acquisition targets to larger companies and have delivered outstanding returns to investors. There are several reasons for this:

  • Despite these drugs being sold at very high prices, they have gone relatively untouched by payers
  • Over ¾ of the rare disease sufferers are children and payers have been hesitant to impose access restrictions in drugs affecting children.
  • These products earn extended patent protection, tax breaks, and research subsidies
  • Once approved, these drugs generally face limited competition and enjoy longer period of market exclusivity than diseases that strike larger numbers of patients. Companies have not hesitated to set prices higher and increase them faster than other disease treatments.

Download this whitepaper now to find out more about:

  • Why the Commercial Perspective Matters
  • Lack of Disease Awareness = Lost Revenues
  • Noise Precedes Signal vs Signal Precedes Noise
  • Zero Moment of Truth
  • Thinking Beyond The Pill
  • Endpoints Drive Endgame
  • Payer Pushback

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