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#WODC USA Session preview: Achieving Commercial Success for Orphan Drugs

In Clinical Development, Partnering & Investment by Freya Smale

#WODC USA Session preview: Achieving Commercial Success for Orphan Drugs

Commercializing and launching orphan drugs is a vastly different challenge with different needs and requiring different approaches – so what does it take to succeed?

As the industry continues to turn its focus towards highly specialized therapies and orphan patient populations, new barriers and issues emerge.  Identifying and understanding these barriers, and what it takes to overcome them, will help to create greater opportunities for commercial leaders to successfully drive their launch and post-launch plans.

This workshop will focus on addressing the broader issues and success factors associated with commercializing within the rare disease space.  Specifically, we want to draw on each other’s experiences, along with other industry leaders, to think through the emerging model of success.  This includes key areas such as:

  • Launch excellence
  • Patient journey development and customer experience models
  • Patient and HCP targeting
  • Field force effectiveness
  • and incentive compensation design

Further, we will look to co-develop the next wave of critical questions and thinking that may be required in order to address an ever-changing landscape.

This workshop intended for:

Leaders in pharma focused on the commercialization of therapies to address rare diseases.

Sponsored by ZS Associates.

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