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Updating our #RareDisease Social Media influencers Report

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Calling all #RareDisease Social Media influencers!

We’ve had a request to update our #RareDisease Social Media influencers Report. Nominate your influencer today by emailing freya.smale@terrapinn.com or send a tweet to @OrphanConf >

Social media has opened up an infinite amount of possibilities for patients and patient advocates, creating a large online community.  This powerful platform has enabled rare disease stakeholders to raise awareness of diseases, fight for treatment, impact legislation, helped find participants for clinical trials, speed up market access and much more!

Social media is extremely powerful in orphan drugs and rare disease

Want to know who made the list? Download the report now to identify some new, valuable sources of industry news and community engagement.

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If you know of any social media influencers not on this list, or on our previous top 50 list, please let us know by commenting in the space provided below or join the conversation on LinkedIn or Twitter.