[Agenda] Addressing the “why” behind treatment adherence

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Self-management and support solutions for patients with rare disease need to target the real reasons why they don’t follow prescribed treatment.

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Learn how health psychology can change the face of non adherence at Atlantis Healthcare.

The challenge of non adherence has existed for as long as prescribed treatments have existed. Non adherence does not discriminate by illness or treatment, and is a concern for all healthcare stakeholders, including those with a focus on rare disease. Successful efforts to address the challenge have been scarce, but a lot has been learned through previous efforts. This workshop will address 2 necessary elements to any successful adherence program:

Download this workshop agenda now >

The application of health psychology allows us to identify and address the unhelpful beliefs that drive individual health-related behaviors, including non adherence to prescribed treatment. This approach enables us to create evidence-based support programs for sustained improvements in adherence and improved self-management.

By attending this course, you will learn how the application of health psychology can drive a more effective way of understanding beliefs that drive behaviors in a target population, and how to leverage those insights to develop a more relevant and effective set of interventions.

Topics to be covered:

  • Conceptualizing treatment non adherence – what is it, how common is it, why is it a problem, and how do we measure it?
  • Reasons for treatment non adherence – applying psychological models to understand drivers behind non adherent behaviors
  • Developing interventions to enhance adherence – what are the key characteristics of successful interventions, and how can pharma apply these to patients living with rare disease
  • Deploying adherence interventions within market and regulatory constraints – key considerations for pharma.

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