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[Whitepaper] Global Brand Lexicon – Setting the stage for a successful launch

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Early lexicon development unifies content, accelerates understanding, and promotes rapid adoption of innovative new therapies within the rare disease community

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Transitioning an orphan drug from clinical to early-stage commercial development comes with its own unique set of communication challenges. Professionals, patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups within orphan drug communities represent some of the most active information-seeking populations in healthcare. Managing the quality, content, and timing of premarket communications are important considerations for companies planning a launch within the rare disease space.

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Participation in the development of a Global Brand Lexicon promotes collaboration

Team participation in the lexicon development process ensures that all stakeholders are able to input and feel a sense of ownership in the recommendations that will govern future brand-associated materials. While the Global Brand Lexicon provides the foundational language that will eventually evolve into product claims and promotional messaging—it can be utilized immediately in the development of  early-stage commercialization assets, becoming your Global Team’s go-to resource for:

> Congress/Convention Materials
> Unbranded Promotion
> Internal Communications
> Product Labeling
> Clinical Articles
> Educational Materials
> Medical PR
> Investor Relations

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