[Whitepaper] Effective early communications planning: maximizing the reach and impact of orphan drugs and regenerative medicine

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Who needs a plan?

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In order to achieve their developmental milestones, specialized unmet medical needs areas such as orphan drugs and regenerative medicines must address a multitude of urgent and critical issues. This can consume huge amounts of energy and resources, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Hoping that effective communications will “just happen” doesn’t work – they need planning. Unique challenges require tailored solutions, distinct from standard approaches.

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What’s the issue?

It’s about the right messages going through the right channels to reach the right people at the right time. Creating a robust, evidence-based, authentic, and compelling scientific narrative is the starting point, delivered through developing and implementing a sound plan, to share the messages with potential product users, key influencers, and the broader healthcare community.

Download this White Paper from Onyx, part of The Prime Medical Group, to find out more about:

  •  Defining the key elements of an optimal communications plan
  •  Adding value and impact to your product/clinical studies program with a tailored medical communications plan
  •  Addressing the specific challenges for a medical communications plan in orphan drugs and regenerative medicines
  •  Driving the communications strategy through a focus on the unmet needs of both the patient and the healthcare professionals
  •  Making the plan happen – initiation, management, and delivery

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