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Rare diseases present an array of challenges to patients, their families and caregivers, and physicians. Arriving at an early and accurate diagnosis is a rate limiting step to getting the patient the care they so desperately need. Most organizations focused on rare disorders agree that it takes several years for a patient with a rare disease to receive a proper diagnosis. For the undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patient struggling with a rare disease, this journey can be long, arduous, frustrating and expensive.

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81qd, an advanced data analytics company at the forefront of rare disease analytics, has developed an innovative solution that could help shorten that journey for many patients. Orion™ is a rare disease analytic platform that uses machine learning technology to help identify patients with a high probability of having a specific rare disease so that they can ultimately be screened, clinically diagnosed and receive the appropriate care.

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In a Q&A interview session, 81qd’s leadership discussed Orion, and the company’s other customized, high-value, cost-effective solutions for the life sciences industry. The following members of the management team shared their insights:

Leon Behar, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer
• Kelly Myers, Executive Vice President, Data Analytics
• Daniel Leskiewicz, PhD, Senior Vice President, Health Sciences & Applied Analytics

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We are thrilled to announce that 81QD are joining us as a sponsor at this year’s World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2016. Register today to meet them in D.C. on April 20-22.

World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2016