[[Whitepaper]] Commercialization Considerations for Gene Therapies and Orphan Drugs

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We invite you to download McKesson’s whitepaper on “The Key to Commercializing Revolutionary Gene Therapies and Other Orphan Drugs”.

High-Touch Services That Enhance Patient Outcomes 

High-touch services that enhance patient outcomes are playing an increasingly important role in market access and patient care delivery.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of orphan drugs and, in particular, the emerging technology known as cell and gene therapy.  Using gene therapy as a specific example, the attached white paper discusses many of the high-touch services that can help enhance patient outcomes.  The white paper provides important insights into the following high-touch services that are key to commercializing revolutionary gene therapies and other orphan drugs.

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  • Channel Optimization
  • Commercialization Strategies
  • Real-World Evidence Generation

Download the whitepaper, The Key to Commercializing Revolutionary Gene Therapies and Other Orphan Drugs, here >

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