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How and Why to Execute Rare Disease Patient Journey Market Research


As pharmaceutical manufacturers push to ensure their thinking and actions align with patient needs, patient journey research can make an invaluable contribution to strategy. While there are challenges to conducting this type of research among people with rare diseases, their often-circuitous path to diagnosis and day-to-day struggles make understanding their journeys critical to developing meaningful brand strategy.

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By exploring the patient journey, which we define as the full patient experience from symptom onset to diagnosis and management, manufacturers can:

• Understand barriers to diagnosis, including misdiagnoses
• Determine which types of physicians may be appropriate targets for disease education
• Explore specific patient needs for education and support programs
• Evaluate barriers to treatment / adherence and explore potential solutions

So, how do you conduct patient journey market research that maximizes useful insights? In this whitepaper, we discuss some best practices.

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About Fulcrum Research Group:

Fulcrum Research Group specializes in rare disease and healthcare-related market research with a focus on creativity, teamwork, and partnership. We opened our doors in 2010 in Waltham, MA.

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