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The Holistic Toll Levied Upon Rare Disease Patients, Caregivers, and Families


To provide insight on the many burdens patients, caregivers, and families must manage when living with a rare diagnosis; while educating the broader rare disease ecosystem regarding the needs necessary to maintain and/or improve quality of life.

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Paper Insights & Learning:

  • The financial implications of rare disease that go beyond affording treatment
  • Addressing lifelong habits and the changes necessary to managing a rare condition
  • The family dynamic and living with rare challenges from childhood to adulthood
    • The implications of living with a rare condition has on quality of life
    • How rare disease knows no limits and effects each member of the family
  • Social and Psychological Implications of rare disease
    • How patients manage the holistic toll of living with a rare condition
  • The role stakeholders play in assisting patients overcome routine challenges born by a rare disease

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