The World Orphan Drugs Congress USA

Bringing together pharma, payers, regulators, and patient advocacy groups to talk about sustainability, pricing and reimbursement, commercialization and global market access.

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In Partnership with Total Orphan Drugs

Total Orphan Drugs are partnering with the World Orphan Drug Congress USA to bring you the news and developments from this year’s event. Together we will bring you the latest in news, analysis, and developments in the run-up to, and on site at WODC USA 2015.

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The World Orphan Drug Congress USA

The World Orphan Drug Congress is the best opportunity you will find for networking with leading biotechs, pharma, advocacy groups, payers, and government bodies all in one place.


Call for Guest Writers

This opportunity is open to all would-be commentators from all corners of the rare disease industry – from students, bloggers and journalists, to researchers and academics.

Join us at the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2015 for 2 days in Washington D.C. and work with our writers to cover WODC USA and place your work infront of our thousands of readers.

  • FREE conference entry
  • FREE entry to pre-conference workshops
  • Network at the worlds biggest Orphan Drug event
  • A chance to put your thoughts and analysis in front of a large online audience
  • Get the industry talking about your articles


Superior content

Our agenda covers discussions ranging from pricing to patient engagement to global market access and commercialization. Learn both sides of the sustainability argument and hear firsthand how payers look at reimbursement.

Greater payer stakeholder involvement

Payers are the ones who ultimately get those orphan drugs to the patients – and this year, we have an unprecedented and unrivalled number of payers at our event.

Unmatched global representation

Learn from experts in over 8 different countries how to commercialize and gain market access in their regions as part of our “International Markets” roundtable feature.


The Latest News from the US

The United states represents the pinnacle of Orphan Drug development and access. Here we have the latest news and features from our team in New York, aimed specifically at the US orphan drug market.

Downloadable Content from the WODC USA Team

Bringing you the latest analysis and insights in the Americas’ orphan drug industry.

Join the Discussion

Total Orphan Drugs will be hosting all of the World Orphan Drug Congress USA’s online activity. With tweet chats, downloads and interviews in the run-up to the conference, and live news and discussion on-site during the conference. Join the discussion on twitter and on Total Orphan Drugs.

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Get in Touch

Get in touch with the World Orphan Drug Congress USA team to see how our event can work for you.


Felipe Lima 212-397-6320

Marketing & Press

Freya Smale 646-619-1811


Pinky Fadullon 646-619-1785

Speaking Opportunities

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